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Build Incredible Teams with Fulcrum

What you want:

  • Effective, brave, functional teams

  • Open team communication

  • Team members who are accountable and committed

  • Results

What I bring:

  • Executive coaching for individuals and teams

  • Values Operationalization

  • Boundaries

  • Trust-Building

  • Goal Setting & Staying on Track

  • Team Effectiveness

  • Inclusion

  • Effective Communication

  • Coach-Approach to Leadership

Build Your Leadership Capacity with Fulcrum 


To design your session, I first learn from you - your goals, your needs, and your desired short and long term outcomes. You can expect me to bring meaningful questions to design the session and help make it a success. 


Learning happens in both teaching and facilitated settings, but as a facilitator, I don't need to be an expert in the subject you need to explore, just in the process to get there.


From small online teams to an auditorium full of face-to-face participants, Learning and Facilitation at Fulcrum is designed to be scalable. 

Learning outcomes are designed with you, for you, on a foundation of trust, universal design for learning, trauma-informed facilitation, and executive coaching approaches.


I deliver inclusive, engaging, inquiry-based, content that embeds learning measurement in each session, and clearly connects with your desired learning outcomes.


Whether you need a partner to facilitate with or someone to take the tools and build a sessions for you, Fulcrum is here for your facilitation needs.


Email today or book a free call to explore how we can custom build your learning session to bring balance and awareness to your space.

Leadership Development with Fulcrum is...

Learning Design with Fulcrum 2023 (8).png

Learning Products from Fulcrum

  • Strategic Planning Model for Social-Profit Organizations: Vision, Mission & Values, Organizational Context, and Strategic Priorities

  • Strong Connections: Positive Culture. Strengthening leadership, communication, and trust within staff and teams

  • Building Trust for Youth Leaders

  • Diversity, Inclusion, Adaptation, and Equity for Youth Leaders

  • Equilibrium The Retreat

  • Building Trust and Resilience in Youth Sport: Trauma-Informed Coaching, Regulation, and Compassion for Community Recreation Sports Coaches

  • Communication Tools for Youth Leaders

  • Equilibrium by Fulcrum: Group Executive Coaching for Female Entrepreneurs

  • The Art of Retreat: A Weekend of Silence and Integration

  • Health and Wellness Survey Objectives 

  • Online Storytelling: Blogging Basics

  • We Show Up VI: Anti-Racism Community of Practice

  • Six Weeks to Awesome: Coaching Community of Practice

Fulcrum Clients

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