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Registration is now closed. See you Fireside!

What you want. In focus.

Three days of learning, belonging, and getting in focus designed exclusively for you.

Spend April 28-30, 2023 exploring what you want and need at Equilibrium The Retreat in beautiful Victoria, BC on the ancestral territory of the WSANEC, Songhees, and Lekwungen people.

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The Retreat.

Equilibrium The Retreat is designed to help you get what you want, in focus, a plan to move forward, and the skills to support your journey. With inspiring speakers, learning opportunities, meditation, and nervous-system reset experiences, this retreat is the perfect opportunity to gain clarity, reset your focus, and design your future.

Sessions & Speakers

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Candice Neveu, Eric Partridge, Jana Stevenson, Dr. Sarah Lea, Kathryn Pascuzzo, Ashleigh Trahan


Come warm up, FIRESIDE.


The spark that lights the fire for the weekend.


Six Incredible storytellers, inspiring experiences, only at Equilibrium The Retreat.

KEYNOTE: taakwashta toot li moond (include everyone) INCLUSIVE LEADERSHIP

Alicia Hibbert: Edified Projects


Alicia brings us Inclusive Leadership. Drawing from her experiences as a manager, inclusion researcher, and someone who identifies as Métis and experiences chronic pain, Alicia will highlight Michif values such as kaa-wiichitoyaahk, which emphasizes caring for one another.


Be inspired to reflect on your ways of working and consider adopting kwayskahstahsoowin, a term shared by Métis Elder Maria Campbell, which means "setting things right."



Steph Kosty: Fulcrum Executive Coaching & Consulting Inc.

Answer questions about your future and get a plan to move forward with what YOU want in focus. Equilibrium sessions include incredible humans working individually to explore their priorities, in a group setting.

Spend two hours with executive coach and conference creator, Steph Kosty, as she uses executive coaching questions and group facilitation techniques to help you:

  • get what you want into focus,

  • get connected to why it's important to you,

  • map the first steps in your plan to move forward into your brilliance.


Ashleigh Trahan: Ashleigh Trahan Learning & Development

Spend an hour with Backbone program developer and executive coach, Ashleigh Trahan, to learn the skills to come back to yourself, in any situation. 

Backbone provides you with the mindfulness and nervous-system-regulation tools to break the stress cycle.

Anchoring the Saturday sessions, Backbone was initially developed for front-line staff in safety-critical, high-stress industries, building on research around the impact of mindfulness and safety in the aviation and nuclear industries.


Dr. Sarah Lea: She Thrives Coaching

New learnings about the science of meditation and practical ways to bring it into your life.

Meditation brings the gift of awareness and with awareness comes a strengthened ability to FOCUS.


Includes a group meditation led by Dr. Sarah.


Kathryn Pascuzzo: Swank Creative Inc.

A program custom-built exclusively for participants of Equilibrium The Retreat.


Elements of Kathryn's Brand Blast-off workshop, idea generation, and marketing strategy built just for you.

Explore the foundations of strategic marketing while opening up your mind to redefine marketing and the potential that exists when focusing on the entire client experience.

Equilibrium The Retreat Sponsors

We're grateful to our sponsors and marketplace partners who have made this retreat possible. They share our commitment to helping people achieve success and happiness.


Marketplace Partners

Exclusive prizes, swag, gifts, discounts, deals - all for you, thanks to these incredible partners.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

Retreat Philosophy 

You belong at Fulcrum. You belong at Equilibrium The Retreat.

If what's offered in the retreat program interests you then Equilibrium The Retreat is for you.   

You're interested to explore what you want in your career, connections, and community, and you want to learn and build the steps to move that vision forward.

You want to learn from coaches, teachers, and professionals who can provide inspiration and new ways of approaching your experience. Equilibrium The Retreat is for you. 

Previous iterations of Equilibrium Group Coaching have been for female entrepreneurs. The sessions included incredible people and the gendered distinction excluded too many incredible people.


Equilibrium The Retreat and all group coaching programs from Fulcrum going forward are for everyone. They are for you. You belong at Fulcrum. You belong at Equilibrium The Retreat. You belong here.

Equilibrium The Retreat is centered on three values:

  • Belonging

  • Learning

  • Getting in Focus


Every event, sponsor, partner, and presenter we choose to include has a strong match to the values of the retreat.


What does that mean? It means we look to:

  • provide multiple ways to pay to increase equity in participation

  • encourage everyone who signs up can participate in a way that is meaningful to them

  • provide multiple ways of interacting with others and the content at the retreat

  • provide ways to engage self awareness, systems awareness, and clear takeaways

  • provide ways for participants to self-assess where they are and how they are feeling at any given time and make choices that are best for them

  • embrace that each person is on their own learning continuum and there is no right or wrong way to learn or experience learning, belonging, and getting in focus

  • embed Universal Design for Learning in all content

  • use neutral bias-free language as much as our knowledge and experience allow, with a commitment to continuous learning

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