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Design Your Success

Executive coaching at Fulcrum is focused on you, your goals, and designing the path that works for you.

Coaching at Fulcrum

First meeting. Discovery Call​s at Fulcrum are:

Free! Online or over the phone to talk about

  • Your goals for your future

  • Your reasons and goals for working with a coach

  • Answer your questions

  • Discuss the coaching process


If we both decide we are a great fit, we can move to the next step of booking coaching sessions. 

Next step. Coaching Sessions at Fulcrum are:

Online, over the phone, or face to face, and

  • In service of you and your goals

  • About what's meaningful to you to explore

  • Guided by your topic and goals

  • Created with questions about your topic in service of you

  • Assessed for success against your goal for the session

  • Wrapped to design your next steps for success

Session Options that Fit Your Goals

Bespoke Packages

After our Discovery call, let me design a  coaching package just for you that is:

  • Custom-priced

  • Custom-paced and paced

  • Focused on your goals

Single Sessions

New clients: After a Discovery call, book single sessions for maximum flexibility

Returning clients: Book a face-to-face, online, or phone call single session if you need a tune up or a one-off to refocus

Single-Session Rates

First Session or Returning: 90min 

 It's been a minute since your last coaching session and you need to restart or you're a brand new client and this is your first call


Returning: 60min

Returning clients. One hour to explore where you want to go, what you need to shift, what stands in the way of your progress, and what you can do about it.


Returning: 30min

Returning clients. One half-hour session, these are often booked closer together to get through a major push, change, or transition. 


The fine print:

1. Payment due after each session. Packages can be pre-paid or pro-rated/averaged

2. Single-Session rates subject to change

3. Package sessions must be pre-booked

4. Packages are not transferrable

5. E-transfer and credit card payments available