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Well, hello!


You've been sent here by a friend of Equilibrium by Fulcrum to save 50% off the registration price of an upcoming Equilibrium by Fulcrum session of your choice!

Activate your 50% savings by signing up for the Equilibrium session that works best for you. Here's how:

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3. Get ready to work on your goals and get clear on your future. 

Thanks for visiting. I can't wait to work with you! ​


Helping Women Build Amazing Futures

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Automatically save 50% off the original $99.00 price.

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Automatically save 50% off the original $99.00 price.


Automatically save 50% off the original $99.00 price.


Take Back Your Time. Plan Your Future.


That was amazing! It was so well organized and well planned. I've had a breakthrough and I want more!

Equilibrium Serves Two Communities of Women at Work


  • Ignite the direction you are taking your business

  • Strategize how you want to build and scale

  • Organize what and who you need to make your work a success


  • Identify what you really want for your professional life

  • Clarify your learning goals

  • Design the career path that will serve you and your dreams

Unlock inspiration in great company

How Equilibrium Works for You

All Sessions

  • Learning with women who share your desire to make your working world incredible

  • Confidential sharing with women who can listen and support you in your journey

  • Executive group coaching to plan your path to your success

  • Expert facilitation including brain and body breaks, fun, and inspiration

  • Zoom group or individual follow up-session within eight weeks to share how your plan is coming together, get support, and reignite your excitement to grow

  • Equilibrium-only 1:1 coaching packages

  • Promotion of your business through this website and social media channels

In person sessions​

  • Two hours face to face

  • $99 per participant

  • 1 hour Zoom follow up

Online Sessions

  • 1.5 hours over Zoom

  • $99 per participant

  • 1 hour Zoom follow up

Fine Print:

If you feel unwell, do not attend an in person session. We will find an alternate date to reschedule. Current Provincial disease-management protocols will be followed.

  1. Register for the date & location that works best for you.

  2. Answer the pre-session questionnaire in the welcome email.

  3. Come to your session ready to listen, laugh, collaborate, and be in great company.

  4. Bring a notebook to fill with your ideas, answers, thoughts, and actions.

  5. Continue on with 1:1 executive coaching with Steph at an exclusive participant price.


It was brilliant. I felt held and not rushed.

I was able to get clear on the problem MY business solves for my clients.

The Equilibrium Process

Growth as goal

The embedded ways of learning and sharing at Equilibrium are based on a foundation of curiosity, equity, kindness, and awareness. Single-session or multi-session programs can be built to suit your learning needs.

Participants as experts 

Working with the truth that the people in the room are the experts in their experience, I partner with teams to first build trust in the learning space by modeling reciprocity, vulnerability, and self-awareness. From there we branch out, exploring baseline assumptions, baseline agreements and truths formed in context with group and individual goals. We then start to build awareness and competency in the areas the people in the room want to explore. 


Process as path

I partner with the group as a constellation of individuals who each have their own learning and growth goals in the context of their larger system. Pre-session information provided by the participants shape the group-coaching experience with questions tailored to their self-selected top priority area to gain awareness/growth/movement. Individually, in the group setting, participants answer coaching questions framed to explore their experience in quiet reflection, sharing optional, and move through the process of designing their own plans of action to move forward post-session.

Trust as baseline

Awareness and competency are built into the pedagogy of Equilibrium, putting the participant's needs, as learner, at the forefront, supported by the framework. Intentionally built from a harm-reduction perspective, knowing we learn best when we feel regulated and supported, multiple options regarding group participation, personal disclosure, and sharing is honoured and embedded in all session formats.

Coaching as framework

Equilibrium is based in an executive-coaching approach which includes:

  • Holding participants capable of their own growth and learning

  • Rooting in curiosity and compassion

  • Building accountability into designing action with the participants' knowledge of how they learn best

  • Orienting participants to awareness in their own system, and the larger systems at play, and what's meaningful to them about how those systems interplay.

The Visionaries: The Participants

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