Image by Tim Bieler
Safe Space at Fulcrum

Fulcrum is a safe space for everyone. This means, all genders, gender expressions, intimate relationships, sexual orientations, races, and religions.

I am committed to showing up. It will be imperfect, it might be messy, and I'm committed to learning without ego. Listening and believing people's learned experiences is one of the most powerful ways to create connection, awareness, and empathy.


Learning and doing better comes from listening.

Executive coaching conversations about balance in your business may include, if you choose to bring them, themes that touch on how you experience and show up in the world. 

I am continually looking to shift from ally to conscious partner. Learning how my outlook and lived experience as a hetero, cis-gendered, non-Indigenous, settler woman shapes who I am, how I show up, how I listen, and how I coach.