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That Card Game Stings a Little

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Last month, my husband and I took a weekend to balance and explore equity in our internal system, armed with the Fair Play cards and book by Eve Rodsky. What did we find? Well, a lot of the invisible work became visible, but that wasn't the really interesting part.

You see, one of the integral components of Fair Play is for both partners to claim their Unicorn Space - to identify the parts of life needed to, "reclaim, or discover and nurture, the natural gifts and interests that make you uniquely you, driving you to be the fullest expression of yourself and make life worth living." We made it to this point late on the last day, and naively thought we could put a pin in it until we reconvened.

The day after our trip I felt edgy, stuck, a bit pissed off, but why? As I walked through our neighbourhood, I took a mental inventory and stumbled back over Unicorn Space. Tears immediately stung my eyes.

Oh. I see.

How can I lead the fullest expression of my life? How could my life be more? Me? Yep, me - singular. In the absence of the context of others, my work, my relationships, who am I, really? How do I not immediately know?

Last week I had my first coaching session with my new coach. After our intros and my preamble (which didn't include anything about Unicorn Space) his first question was, I kid you not, "so, who are you?"

As we sit here together, in this murk of self-reflection, I offer to you a different question that has helped me a lot lately.

Who are you, really?

This piece was originally published February 23, 2022 in Fulcrum's BALANCE POINTS Newsletter. Subscribe to BALANCE POINTS today!

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