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Equilibrium for Educators
Building Resilience in the K-12 Space

What is Equilibrium for Educators?

Equilibrium for Educators is a one-hour, group executive coaching session, or sessions, designed to increase self-and-systems awareness, perspective, and resilience in educators and administrators in the K-12 education system.

What is it?


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About Equilibrium for Educators


How does Equilibrium for Educators work?

Plainly put, participants work toward gaining new perspectives about a challenge by answering questions that explore different ways of looking at the situation. Participants are coached through a multi-domain framework of inquiry that integrates the relational experiences within the systemic context where a challenge exists for them and may be blocking them from bringing their best selves to the work community.

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Who is Equilibrium for Educators for?

Equilibrium for Educators is for teachers, support staff, and administrators working in the K-12 environment. Administrators are highly encouraged to participate in Equilibrium for Educators alongside their teaching and support colleagues to build trust and reconnect to their own place in the overlapping complex systems within the school environment. As participants work individually, existing power differentials in the space are minimized, allowing participants to answer questions authentically, inviting deep learning.

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What Equilibrium for Educators Does

The Equilibrium for Educators model helps participants to uncover area(s) where an awareness gap exists that is creating a a challenge in being professionally, emotionally, socially, or systemically engaged. When we are able to increase awareness, we experience our role, and the role of others in a new way, leading to increased compassion, personal empowerment, resilience, and understanding.

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What does Equilibrium for Educators look like?

Equilibrium for Educators can be facilitated in person, online, or in a hybrid environment. It's a low-tech offering with the coach facilitator starting the session, setting the stage of trust and shared agreements, then guiding participants through the framework. Participants record their answers individually, allowing as many challenges to be addressed as there are participants in the session.

Honour the Land, the People, and the Experiences

  • As coach and participant get together for Equilibrium for Educators, Indigenous lands are honoured and acknowledged, participants are invited to let go of what they assume about themselves, and others, in the session, and a Q & A is available. 

  • As the session gets underway, participants are asked to think of a specific challenge that's coming up for them at work, and keep that challenge in mind as we explore the framework of questions, guiding them to investigate their situation from a variety of perspectives.

  • Sharing is optional and all work captured in their journals/laptops is the property of the participant. Sessions are based in self-reflection to provide an ideal environment to pause and think deeply about one situation.

  • Being able to focus on one topic at one time is often a welcome departure for teachers, staff, and administrators who are consistently asked to manage multiple competing priorities simultaneously.

Learning works best when we can experience, practice, reconnect, practice and repeat.

  • Single-session or multi-session programs can be built to suit your community learning needs.

  • Scalable from small groups to large audiences.

  • Sessions can be pre-recorded, on Zoom, or Face to Face. Bring this session to a staff meeting or incorporate into Professional Learning Community Agendas.

What's needed for an Equilibrium for Educators Session?

  • An in-person or online space to comfortably accommodate the participants

  • Participants who are willing and able to think of a challenge and do the individual, reflective work answering questions about their challenge and who will bring a way to capture their written answers - journal, paper, and pen, or laptop.

  • Seating with accessible writing surface

  • Sufficient space between participants to provide a semblance of privacy while writing

  • Accessibility: host organization provides microphone/sound system/AV support for spaces larger than a standard classroom for face-to-face sessions and and online streaming for hybrid sessions

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Trust and Safety at Equilibrium for Educators

Participant sharing is optional. Anything shared must be presented to be anonymous. Participants must treat the session content and shares as confidential. 

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Successful Outcomes with Equilibrium for Educators

Equilibrium for Educators is built on trust. Trust that each participant is capable of their own growth and learning, and trust that as they see their role in that situation shift, that they will be able to demonstrate and model those shifts as they approach challenges with new ways of thinking. Often, participants will share in the session that they were able to see an interaction or situation in a different light immediately while working through the questions I pose. Other times, participants process the experience internally, and it's only after reflection are they able to articulate the change. Changes may be evident right away and they may take time to emerge. The beauty of offering these sessions to a team or school community is that the shared experience of attending and working together, creates connection.

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How Equilibrium for Educators fits your budget

Based in individual work, facilitated by one coach, sessions can be scaled from small teams to large groups making it ideal to bring Equilibrium for Educators to your community in a cost-effective way.

Equilibrium for Educators is currently offered as a pilot in SD79. Let's talk about how we can partner to bring this session to your school community.

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Integrating Equilibrium for Educators with SD 79 Strategic Goals


Self-discovery and learning empowers community members to redesign their own experience and measures of success by increasing self-and-system awareness. By using executive coaching, a mode of self-assessment and learning, Equilibrium for Educators offers a profoundly personal learning experience. Relevant to the individual's experience, participants learn and examine new ways to challenge assumptions and embrace and practice new ways of being in, and with, their complex working environment.


Indigenous Ways of Knowing

  • Honouring connectedness and exploration of identity, participants investigate their own role in their situation, being able to see more clearly how their systems connect to others'.

  • Honouring that learning takes time, we trust that each participant will embed their learning as they are able. We take time for participants to reflect and record their learning in the session, slowing down, being still, and incorporating silence.

  • Honouring the important role of storytelling, we welcome sharing with the understanding that some information is sacred and may only be shared with permission.

  • Honouring their new perspective and role in a challenging situation, participants have the opportunity to see the consequences of their actions, with a new story, and the opportunity to repair.

Culture of Care

When we invest in the social and emotional wellbeing of the members of our school community we show them we care by demonstrating that their social and emotional wellbeing is a worthwhile investment. When we provide tools, like Equilibrium for Educators, to increase self-awareness, we integrate caring by equipping the participants to see themselves within the system, as a vital part of contributing to its wellbeing, creating a generative cycle of care.

Future Focused System

Casting an eye forward, building leadership capacity and continuity through resilience, self-awareness, and self-efficacy through Equilibrium for Educators contributes to a healthy school community that can respond resiliently to challenges both known, and not yet imagined, in education systems in the 21st century.

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SD 79 Integration

Session Facilitator

Steph Kosty, ACC, CEC, BA

Steph is a dual-level certified executive coach and communication professional who is passionate about bringing awareness, compassion, equity, and balance to human, team, and organizational systems. As an experienced facilitator, Steph weaves in trust, comfort, and understanding within her sessions by modeling humility, inquiry, and a deep respect for the bravery needed to look within, especially at work.


With decades of experience in corporate & executive education, strategic communication, and building trust in teams, Steph is an invaluable addition to your professional education tool box.


Get in touch with Steph today to bring an Equilibrium for Educators session to your school community or chat with her to design a multi-session approach that can weave the knowledge gained in each session throughout the year for even greater impact.

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Facilitator and Coach
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